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Lavastone board by File Under Pop

The lavastone boards from File Under Pop withstands heat, oil, wax and acid. Each piece is crafted by hand and all glazes are applied with brush. 

Lavastone is extracted from the active volcano Mount Etna on Sicily at a depth of 20-30 metres where the stone has been compacted for 2-3000 years. The lavastone is then glazed and decorated by hand and is transformed to ceramic by hours of oven-firing.

Lavastone boards varies in motif and various colours from the File Under Pop solid colour range. The surface can appear either matt or shiny depending on the glaze and/or the motif. 


Pattern, Colour & Finish:  Plain, Olive, Shiny Crystal



20 cm x 30 cm x 1 cm


More about File Under Pop:

File Under Pop is directed by Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer. She's is the founder, and for 14 years, the creative director of Made a Mano. She now flies solo again with File Under Pop with a new studio workshop and showroom in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The vision of File Under Pop is to transform rooms fundamentally by clothing the surfaces. Unique hand crafted ceramic terra-cotta tiles, lavastone, wallpaper and paint are designed for walls, floors and ceilings.


Lavastone Board - Olive Lavastone Board - Olive

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