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Curves is a giclee art print by Anne Nowak exclusively for The Poster Club. It's printed on 265 g high quality art paper.

Curves is inspired by the female body, but also of the Danish sculptor Henning Kopeks beautiful organic shapes seen in his designs. The colours merges in the middle and makes a smooth transition between the two colours, even though the contrast is significant.




50 cm x 70 cm 


More about Anne Nowak:

Anne Nowak is based i Copenhagen, and works with fine art, interior decoration and murals. Although she is working in materials as different as paper, mirrors and fabric and with different techniques such as screen printing, drawing, spraypainting and cyanotype, her aesthetics reflect a fascination towards the outer hemisphere. In a poetical manner she creates magnetic works that invites the viewer on a mystical journey into micro universes of suns, moons and planets.

Anne Nowak has exhibited at the Spring Exhibition at Charlottenborg and  at The Spring Break Art Show in New York during Amory Week. Her latest assignment was 25 customised pieces for Hotel De Paris in Monaco Summer 2017 and Nomade Workspace in Copenhagen.


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