About NABO

At NABO we work to inspire people and connect them with good design so that they can create a home with room for life; where design is not a mere object for display but a combination of quality, function and aesthetics. 

We celebrate craftsmanship and detail. 

We aim to showcase designs that could become new classics - the future heirlooms. We don’t believe in replicating furniture, but in good design in its original form. We support and promote new talents, listen to their stories and encourage them to create. We connect with like-minded people who put their heart in what they do to make better products so that together we shape the future of design.

We don’t follow fashion or the latest trends but source products that are timeless, functional and long lasting.

'Things' cannot create a home. It’s the connection you have to what you surround yourself with that creates a feeling of belonging, of home. Therefore, we think it’s important to tell the story behind the products and brands we stock for you to make that connection and to help creating homes that are more meaningful. 

We don’t shy away from being deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition; where design has a function, where things are meant to be used, where a home has room for life, for having guests over and for kids to be kids.


It’s about moving forward without forgetting where we come from.


NABO is based in London, UK. 


NABOshop please wait to be seated bar trolley and handmade ceramics 

If you have any questions about NABO or the products you're welcome to say hi at hello@naboshop.com 

If you want to talk to founder, Christina Thaisen, about styling or have another project in mind feel free to contact her at christinathaisen@naboshop.com.