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Folding Box Mini in Coconut Milk by Aykasa

These folding boxes from Danish company, Aykasa are perfect for everyone who don't like clutter. They fold completely flat when not in use and can be stacked. 

They can be used for almost anything: to organise items on your desk, for magazines in the living room, children's books in the kids room, or even to storage food as these boxes are food safe and approved to use for food. 

You can mix and match colours to suit your home and preferences. 

These folding boxes will last a lifetime because of the material it's made of and the quality they are made in. 



Size Mini: 27 x 17 x 11 cm


Materials: The box is made of xx and is anti bacterial, which means bacterias can not stay onto this surface. The boxes are made of PP plastic which is considered to have a fine environmental footprint.


Dishwasher safe.