Introducing | Tina Marie CPH Handmade - Poetic Colours and Vivid Su...

August 12 2017
Meet Tina Marie CPH Handmade. Beautiful handmade stoneware objects for the home, with vivid surfaces and poetic colour combinations. She's one of the very best Danish potters and definitely one to watch.

Opinion | Why Wall Art Should Be Your Starting Point

June 22 2017
Too often when people start decorating their home wall art become an afterthought. That's a pity and a missed opportunity to create a truly personal space. In this article I take the opposite stance and argue why wall art should really be the first thing you consider when decorating your home.

Guide | How to Choose the Right Frame for Your Artwork

June 22 2017
So you have this beautiful artwork and now you need to frame it. Sounds simple, right! Well sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't, but no matter what finding the right frame is going to make all the difference in the world. In this guide we outline some of the things you should consider when framing a picture, regardless of taste.

Ideas | 8 Brilliant Ways to Display Wall Art

June 22 2017
If you're looking for inspiration on ways to display wall art in your home this article is for you. The way you display your artwork have a huge impact on the way the artwork is perceived, and therefore also on your interior. This article lists 8 different ways you can decorate with wall art in your home and make the most of it.

Ideas | 8 Things to Consider When Hanging Wall Art

May 31 2017
We have all been there. You hang your newly acquired wall art and you feel pretty happy with yourself. That is until you step back and take a look. Somehow it doesn't look and feel how you want it to. This guide takes you through some of the considerations worth having when hanging artwork, to help you reach the outcome you are hoping for.

Guide | 6 Scandinavian Artists You Need to Know

May 02 2017
6 artists from Scandinavia that you need to know: Kristina Krogh, Berit Mogensen Lopez, Pale Grain, Kaja Skytte, Nynne Rosenvinge, and Tina Marie Ceramics. If you haven't already take a look here because we can almost guarantee you hear much more about them in the future.

Introducing | NABO - Inspiring People and Connecting Them with Good...

April 04 2017
At NABO we work to inspire people and connect them with good design so that they can create a home with room for life; where design is not a mere object for display but a combination of quality, function and aesthetics.
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