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Office: Hackney, London

Office: Hackney, London

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Art print by Kristina Krogh from NABO shop
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Introducing | NABO - Inspiring People and Connecting Them with Good Design

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Welcome to NABO. I'm so pleased you're here!

NABO shop is an independent shop of items for the home favouring timeless simplicity, aesthetics and design that last. 

NABO shop offers its customers a small curated collection of art photography, art prints and mobiles made by some of the best makers and artists in Scandinavia. At the moment we're sourcing ceramics and original Danish Mid-Century furniture, which will be part of the collection from this summer.  




My name is Christina Thaisen, in June 2017 I founded NABO shop on a passion for craftsmanship and aesthetics. But the dream of this shop began many years back.  

I think an interest in design and what makes a home came to me naturally after spending so much time at my grandfather's house when I was a child. There were beautifully crafted furniture from the Modern Period in every corner, music playing, friends around and coffee marks on his teak coffee table. It was a home with room for life - and that is the feeling I want to convey when I decorate today.

You're always welcome to contact me if you have any questions about the shop, our products or if you have a project in mind. 

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x Christina