Travel | Practical Stuff You Want to Know When Going to Copenhagen

August 07 2018

Okay, so you decided it's time to go. But where do you start when planning a trip? We understand that having all the practical bits in order makes more room for planning all the exciting stuff. That’s why we’ve created the a list of all the most frequent questions we get asked about Copenhagen.

Travel | A Design Enthusiast's Guide to the Best Museums in Copenhagen

August 07 2018

Copenhagen is full to the brim with museums; some of them well-known some of them not so known. When writing down this list of museums we wanted to make sure that it included the creme de la creme. That meant including a short lists of museum just outside Copenhagen that you simply have to explore. 

Introducing | Mette Duedahl - A Tribute to Functionality

June 19 2018
Meet Mette Duedahl and her beautiful ceramics. Mette Duedahl is a Danish potter based on the island of Bornholm. Her work is a tribute to functionality and she's definitely a potter to watch. NABO stocks her LAND collection that come in three different colours.

Ideas | Our Best Tips for Decorating a Small Space

June 13 2018

Living in a small space? In this article we reveal our best tips for decorating a small space. Living in a small flat definitely has some challenges but certainly also some advantages. Read on to see our tips for decorating a space with personality and functionality in the centre.

Travel | The Best Independent Interior Shops in Copenhagen

May 23 2018

You are interested in design, art and interiors. You're going to Copenhagen (or you want to). Read this guide for some local insight into the best independent shops you should to visit. There's plenty of high street shops that carry all the design classics, but if you want a treat here's where you start.

Travel | A Guide to Copenhagen's Neighbourhoods

May 23 2018
If you're going to Copenhagen, don't just read the Lonely Planet guide. Listen to a native and use this guide as a starting point to pinpoint the best of every area of Copenhagen including where to eat, where to shop, and where to have your coffee. It's an insider's guide to Copenhagen focussing on smaller favourites and a more authentic Copenhagen. Who doesn't like that?

Guide | Everything You Need to Know About Framing Artwork

May 05 2018
Framing is an art in itself. Choosing the right frame, mount and glass can truly enhance the appearance of an artwork but  This guide is is a helping hand to those who are about to frame an artwork, whether you want to frame it yourself or take them to a professional picture framer. The goal is not to tell you what to go for, but instead to help you to reach those conclusions yourself..

Introducing | File Under Pop - Transforming Rooms

February 16 2018
There's something energetic yet poetic about the way File Under Pop combines motifs, finished and colours and for Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, the Founder and Creative Director, the vision is clear: to transform rooms fundamentally by clothing the surfaces.

Introducing | Anne Nowak - A Fascination Towards the Outer Hemisphere

February 08 2018
Copenhagen based artist, Anne Nowak, works with fine art, interior decoration and murals. Although Nowak is working in materials as different as paper, mirrors and fabric and with different techniques such as screen printing, drawing, spraypainting and cyanotype it's always rooted in the same aesthetics.

Guide | What to Look For When Buying Danish Vintage Furniture

January 10 2018
All the dos and don'ts when sourcing and purchasing Danish Vintage Furniture. A guide to finding affordable original vintage furniture that will last and what you need to be aware of when you source and purchase vintage furniture online, on a market or in a second hand shop. It's written based on many years of experience in sourcing, buying and reselling Danish Vintage Furniture both locally in Denmark and within the UK.

Introducing | Normal Object Factory - When Swedish and Taiwanese De...

January 05 2018
Alexandra Nilasdotter and Liu Chien-Kuang are the two founders of Normal Object Factory, a Stockholm based design and craftsmanship concept inspired by Swedish and Taiwanese design and craft traditions. Through traditional techniques they create contemporary functional objects that meet the needs of the modern human.

Guide | How to Give Your Textiles a Long Life

December 16 2017

This guide will help you take good care of your textiles. A few simple steps to take to make your textiles last longer but also to make them look better for longer. If you think twice before you send them off to the dry cleaners or wash them in your washing machine, you're on the right path, but let's go into the details.

Introducing | Frama - A Return to Basics

December 16 2017
Frama Cph is a new breed of super interesting Danish interior designers. They are rooted in a straight forward aesthetic approach to design and decoration, and with a focus on what they call "slow production" their work always look effortlessly stylish.

Introducing | The Organic Company - The Textile Maker That Truly Cares

December 14 2017
From the base in Copenhagen, Denmark, a mission grew into shape: a textile company that makes a difference not only for the environment but also for the workers they employ: The Organic Company. Sustainability is in this brand's DNA and with a simple Scandinavian aesthetic and a subtle colour palette their products make it hard to look away.

Ideas | 10 Gift Ideas With a Little Something for Everyone

November 26 2017
A gift guide with 10 gifts that you can give anyone no matter age, gender or taste. With variety in art prints, lighting, chair, a blanket or pretty stationary there's something for most wallets.

Introducing | The Butterfly Chair + How to Style it

October 20 2017
Butterfly Chair, B.K.F chair, Hardoy chair or Sling Chair - a chair with many names but regardless of the name of choice; minimalistic lounging, comfort and timeless design are the common denominators. In this article we dive into how you can find the best version for you and how to style it in your home.

Introducing | NOTEM Studio - Make Your Everyday Life Easier

October 10 2017
You are not anti digital (then you probably wouldn't read this), but there's just something about carrying around a beautiful notebook or day planner, writing things down in your own handwriting. The words you're looking for are NOTEM Studio. Simplistic and beautiful stationary brand that will keep you stylish and organised.

Travel | How to spend 24 hours in Copenhagen

August 26 2017

If you're into interior, design, art, and small carefully curated shops this is the perfect guide for you. Since 24 hours isn't long so all places on this list are in walking distance to each other. Let's get to it - if you're lucky to have 24 hours in Copenhagen here's how to spend it. 

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